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Amazon Reveals Future of Delivery

With the holiday season right around the corner, companies are looking for new and inventive
ways to maximize profit.

Amazon Reveals Future of Delivery

With the holiday season right around the corner, companies are looking for new and inventive
ways to maximize profit. With many people choosing to stay at home and do their shopping this
year, it’s no wonder that the internets largest merchandising arena would be looking to better
facilitate the delivery process. We all love the idea of online shopping. The problem however, is
that we are born into a society where we are all used to instant gratification. Who wants to
wait 7-14 days for the delivery of their product? Have no fear my fellow consumers, Amazon is
here to help.
The site has recently released images of their new delivery drone service, which will have the
ability to transport goods to consumers within thirty minutes of order completion. It’s hard to
imagine a time when our sky will be riddled with internet drones, yet that seems to be a fact of
life that we will soon have to deal with. While the company has not released a date by which
this delivery service will be up and running for the public, officials say that they hope that the
drone will one day be as common as a mail truck.
Now, before any of you online shopaholics get too excited over the potential of this amenity,
Amazon has already admitted they have some challenges that must be addressed before the
service will be up and running. One of the biggest trials that Amazon faces is staying within the
safety guidelines put forth by the FAA. These drones would have a maximum altitude of four
hundred feet to prevent any potential collisions with passenger aircraft.
Another issue imposed by the FAA, is that current laws place specific regulations on all drone
operations. For example, according to federal law, all drones must remain in direct line of site
with the operator. Officials at Amazon say that in order for the system to be truly effective,
federal laws on drone services will have to be changed. Even if the service one day reaches
approval, it has been disclosed that the services will be limited to those that live within a ten
mile radius of an Amazon warehouse. Also, don’t expect that new couch to be delivered via
drone service. The thirty minute delivery deal will have a maximum delivery weight of under
five pounds.
Amazon isn’t the only internet tycoon investing time and money into this new technology.
Google and other moguls are currently working on prototypes of their own. There is little doubt
that this technology is on its way to application into our daily lives, yet the idea still has many
obstacles to overcome before it can be put into practice. Public reaction to the service seems to
be positive, which means that it’s only a limited time before drones become a mainstay of our
daily lives. This new technology gives hope to every American that one day we will no longer
have to battle the mobs to shop for our favorite items.

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